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    ★★★★★ Ranked in top 100 Travel apps on Google Play Store ★★★★★

    Local Places is a brilliant application to search local places or local stores around you. Local Places detects your location using GPS and you can easily search any place like hotel, restaurant, banks, spa, ATM, food points, clubs, gym, hospitals or any place which you want to search.

    Local Places works intelligently and gives you appropriate search results near your current location, helps you to navigate to selected place.

    Local Places provides you the complete details of any place like complete address, route with navigation, real pictures of the place, opening and closing time, contact number and many more details of the place...

    Local Places comes with offline feature, which means you can easily save or bookmark the details of any place or any store which you like or want to visit later and you can easily browse the saved details in offline mode too.

    Local Places is easy to use, safe for searching any kind of places. Local Places helps you to find any kind of place like food points, banks, ATM, pizza or burgers points, swimming, clubs, sports complex, shopping complex, medical store, hospitals, metro stations, airport, fuel stations, beauty points or saloon, coffee shop, pet shop, doctor, college, university, bar, disco, movies, cinemas, zoo, entertainment zone and many more...

    Local Places helps you to find near by places like
    - Local CNG or fuel stations
    - Local Restaurants & Coffee Shops
    - Local Best Spa
    - Local Beauty saloons
    - Local Shopping centers
    - Local Fun centers
    - Local Movies, Theaters
    - Local Cab services
    - Local Tourist locations, Travel agencies
    - Local Universities
    - Local ATM's and banks
    And many more...

    Local Places gives you complete details about the place, images, opening closing time, route path on Google Map, distance from your current position and many more...

    Local Places intelligently works to get the best optimized and exact search for you.

    Local Places saves your searched places so you can directly search places again and again without typing.

    Local Places comes with the feature of Speech to Text, so you can speak and search for the place of your choice near you.

    Local Places is a complete pack for all your local search needs which you love to have.

    Major Features :

    Offline Mode
    Gallery of searched places
    Details of every place
    Voice search for any place

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