Locate Your Position




    Do you know where are you exactly from the point of geography?
    What is the longitude and latitude of your current position?
    This application could help you tell the location exactly.

    The using method is very easy. And the user interface is simple.
    When you download this application to your phone,open it.
    After you enter this application,you will see a very simple and clear user interface.
    There are two buttons at the top of the main interface.
    Use the first one to start the location service.
    To the contrary,use the second button to Stop location service.

    When you click the button of Start location Service,it will tell you that your device is using network provider.
    A few seconds later,the longitude and latitude of your current position will be displayed below.
    And the data is exceeding exact.
    If you click the button of Stop Location Service,it will tell you that it is uploading data to server.

    Take a simple example.If you are traveling on business,without made-to-measure tool,you could also know where is your exact position.
    Or you are an adventure explorer,you go to some remote and strange place,you could use this application to detect where are you
    Here the exact position refers to the longitude and latitude of your current position.

    The longitude of places is measured as an angle east or west from the Prime Meridian, ranging from 0¡ã at the Prime Meridian to +180¡ã eastward and ?180¡ã westward. Specifically, it is the angle between a plane containing the Prime Meridian and a plane containing the North Pole, South Pole and the location in question. This forms a right-handed coordinate system with the z axis pointing from the Earth's center toward the North Pole and the x axis extending from Earth's center through the equator at the Prime Meridian.

    A location's north-south position along a meridian is given by its latitude, which is the angle between the local vertical and the plane of the Equator.