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    This App helps you realize the wonders you can do with Google Maps. It gives users a whole new level of possibilities.

    The App provides a simple user friendly interface to make the use of Google Maps much more meaningful and enjoyable. It basically aims at reinventing the way you deal with locations.

    The App has following features:
    - Stamp your favorite location using its coordinates either from GPS or Network Provider.

    - The Stamp can be given a title, description and can be attached with an image to remind user of that place. Users can also assign the Stamp a folder (like Restaurants, Favorite Places…etc. Any number of folders can be created by the users.). In addition, the app automatically fetches the address of the location.

    - The stamped location can be later viewed on Google Maps. And the features of Google Maps can be used to get directions to that place, to find restaurants close to that place….etc.

    - The App has a feature to share the stamp through SMS. The message sends the title, description, address and GPS coordinates of the stamped location, which can be later retrieved and stored by receiver.

    - You can also use the App to check if there are any stamped locations close to your current location. This is a great feature and will come in hand in number of occasions.

    - Users can backup their Location Stamps into SD card.

    A few ways in which you could use this App:
    - Send GPS coordinates of your location to a friend in large crowd to help him find you.

    - Stamping the GPS location of your car in a parking lot. This stamp can be later used to get directions to your car’s location.

    - When inviting friends to a party, instead of messaging them the address of your house, you can send the Location Stamp of your house. The Stamp sent will contain the address and also the GPS coordinates, which can be used to get directions to your place.

    - Sharing your favorite place with your friends, giving them a title, description and address of that place.

    - Checking if anyone of your friend or a favorite location (like a Mall, Restaurant, Coffee shop…etc.) is located close to your current location. This will help you make the best choice to kill your free time.

    - Saving the coordinates of your favorite places with an image.
    You can also visit the Developer’s Website to find out many more ways.

    IMPORTANT: If you have any problem using Location Stamp, please don't post a comment in the market because we won't be able to get in touch with you: Google doesn't share user emails with developers; send an email to We would be glad to help you.

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