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    London is one of the world's great shopping cities. With 15% of the UK's retail business headquartered in London, operating nearly 40,000 stores, Napoleon probably just meant London when he called the UK a nation of shopkeepers.

    In its thousands of stores and boutiques, dedicated hunter gatherers can find everything imaginable. Cheap and cheerful fashion to ultimate haute couture, popular music to vintage vinyl, exotic spices to exquisite chocolates and perfect cheeses, it's all here. But where to begin?

    This guide will arm you with insider info on more than 150 of London's best stores, illustrated with hundreds of colourful photos. Get a Londoner's perspective on hot shops, great shopping neighbourhoods and evergreen favourites. It's all searchable by tags like "fashion", "food", "shoes&accessories", "books & music", so you can find what you're looking for and go straight to it.

    ★ About the Author ★

    Londoner Ferne Arfin is a travel writer, sometime actress, blogger and dedicated shophound. She's as happy nosing around the famous Harrods' sale as she is wandering along a popular street market. She loves finding delightful surprises in unexpected places and can help you sniff out the best shopping London has to offer.

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