Los Angeles Dog Parks

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    Los Angeles Dog Parks features dozens of HAND PLACED - VERIFIED - Enclosed Dog Parks, Off Leash Dog Areas and the rare Dog Beaches of Southern California.

    Also Includes
    *Emergency Vet Locations - Phone #, GPS Navigating
    *Basic Dog First Aid - CPR - What to do!
    *Tips on Basic Dog Etiquette
    *GPS Navigating Maps to all Licensing locations in LA County
    *Links to Training Books, Mp3s and training tools

    Tons of great information and GPS enabled hand placed verified maps to dog parks in Los Angeles!

    The creators of this app are Southern California residents, proud dog owners of two wonderful dogs, our first is our rescued "muttly", Rocky and the other is our terrier, Lady Puddlesworth. We LOVE visiting dog parks, we know what it is like to live in the city with our dogs and all of the stuff they don't tell you about when you get a dog, like licensing and what to do if your dog starts to choke on something. So, we have first aid tips, local animal hospitals and training manuals. When Rocky was hit by a car at 1am, we needed the nearest emergency vet and it certainly would have been nice to know that my super docile buddy would turn into a flesh piercing teeth monster when in pain, not that I blame him, but we share some scars from that incident. That's why we made these apps. Easy access to dog parks, dog beaches, licensing locations and more, right at your fingertips.

    We downloaded several dog park apps and between the ones that just force close and the ones that show a bunch of location tags for dog friendly hotels, restaurants, pet stores, etc...etc...just muddying up what I would be looking for. Honestly, if you want a pet store or a regular vet, google is better than those apps. We made this app to suit our taste as dog owners.

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