Madison Loves Kids

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    Key benefits of Madison Loves Kids are (in no particular order):

    * You'll have a portable, digital, and virtual "tour guide" you can literally carry along with your phone. For a mere $1.99, the app is never out of print and it costs less than a Happy Meal (and upgrades are free for life).

    * With a photo slide show, maps, websites, phone numbers, and other useful information for each entry, you can turn the volume for the GPS lady WAY down (heck, put her in permanent time out)!

    * Options for family-friendly fun are as wide as they are deep. Check out options for sports-lovers, foodies, and even nifty, thrifty fun. Madison activities happen in January and in June, and this app was created with both winter and summer in mind.

    * There are endless quantities of family-friendly in Madison. This app is just a start and updates are already in the works. Please leave a comment if you like the app, have a suggestion, or want to share a hidden gem with the rest of us.

    ★ About the Author ★

    A cheese head at heart, Julie Henning and her family moved to Madison in November of 2009. With winter knocking at the door, revealing family-friendly options for fun in Madison became her passion.

    "Feed Me" and Geocaching Editor for Road Trips for Families, freelance writer, small-business owner, blogger, and social media mama, Julie is also the proud author of the Milwaukee Loves Kids iPhone application.

    Wisconsin is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Similar and different, like sisters, Milwaukee and Madison are two of the best cities in the entire Midwest.

    Remember: All who wander are not lost!

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