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    MakkaMappa : the next generation of maps.

    MakkaMappa Lite is the free version of MakkaMappa, allowing you to download two public maps and any of your own maps made on

    This app is the map viewer for MakkaMappa, a system enabling you to make, use and share maps with all the modern mapping features you'd expect: location awareness, pop-up information boxes, off-line capability, social networking, and so on.

    This initial release does not include the GPS Dashboard or Tracking, but these will be added in a later update.

    The app is only one half of the system. The other half is the website – where you can upload new maps. Go here to upload a map to the system for FREE using our simple-to-use innovative web-based application. You need no extra software, only an image of the map you want to create. If you don't have time to upload your own map, let us know using the Request a Map button in the app or on the website. We'll get it set up as soon as we can.

    Once you've uploaded your map to the website, use this app to view the map on your Android, iPhone and iPad. Even better, go to the location the map represents, and view it there. You'll be amazed when you see your position correctly shown on the map, no matter how much the map is stretched or squashed compared to the geographic space it represents. You won't need a data connection to view maps – great if you're going abroad.

    You can add any pop-up information to your map using the website. This is shown on the map as tappable icons that can be selectively turned on and off. Tapping on the icons displays your explanatory information.

    When you've perfected your map, share it with others. You can tell them in person, or contact them by email, Facebook or Twitter using the social networking features in the app.

    What map images can be used?
    •Literally ANY image can be used as long as it describes some form of geographic area - historic/old/antique maps, custom maps, hand-drawn maps, transport maps, outdoor hiking, skiing, snowmobilling, biking maps, even aerial photos!
    •Parts of the map image may be reduced or enlarged in size
    •It could be an existing map or something you've hand-drawn or computer-generated.

    On the phone
    •See exactly where you are on any map image
    •Find and search for nearby points of interest included by the map creator
    •Create your own private points of interest, even if you're not the map creator
    •Switch between maps that you're near instantly
    •Search for and download maps
    •Recommend maps to friends via email, Facebook and Twitter
    •Viewing maps doesn't need an expensive data connection – great if you're abroad

    •Search for maps by keyword and/or location
    •Going on holiday? Upload or find maps close to your destination and download them before you go!
    •Download a private map only if you know its password

    Current maps
    •Bus routes maps that show only what you need to know – how far away you are from your stop.
    •City maps that show you the location of museums, attractions and hotels.
    •Ski piste maps that let you see where you are on the ski slope.
    •Zoo maps that let you find the animal enclosure you’re looking for.

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