Manipur : The Jeweled Land




    Manipur, the land of jewels, also known as Switzerland of the East, is a state in India known for its history, culture and beautiful landscapes.

    How can we portray Manipur?!
    May be, we need to coin a new word, because Manipur is everything.

    Manipur is a state of celebration. The people of Manipur celebrate numerous festivals, where music and dance form an integral part. Some of the Manipuri festivals are Ningol Chakkouba, Cheiraoba, Yaosang, Gaan-Ngai, Lu-Ngai Ni, Kut, Sangai and Kang.

    The fun loving people of Manipur also excel in various sports and adventures. Manipur gave the world the game of Polo. They also play Mukna Kangjei, Yubi Lakpi, Thang-Ta, Kang, Hiyang Tanaba and Arambai.

    Manipur is home to various religious and historical places.

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