MapPack-GPS White Mtns Topo

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    Full featured offline Topo GPS App, for the White Mountain National Forest.
    (As a bonus this also covers Squam Lakes, and the Sandwich Notch Range.)

    Topo Map data for each MapPack App is installed with the application and available offline!

    With MapPacks you simply install the App and you are ready to go!

    Each MapPacks topo map data covers a specific area or park of interest.
    This edition covers the full extent of the White Mountain National Forest.
    (When online, the Google street maps layer is also displayed).

    Includes GPX file support, which allows you to save and view your recorded tracks.

    The GPX trail files are saved to accessible external storage folders.

    You can create new GPX trail files from your recorded tracks and or add
    GPX files from other sources for viewing in this App.

    Pause the GPS animation, for browse mode, which allows for browsing of map areas,
    and previewing of GPX trail overlays.
    Trail overlays can be left on the display to compare your new track with previous track recordings.

    Key Features:
    -USGS shaded relief topo map data pre-installed with the App
    -Animated Nav arrow with your current GPS position, bread crumb trail,
    and compass heading
    -Seamlessly displays GPS tracking position with a continuous bread crumb trail
    -Live GPS Track recording
    -Recorded Track Statistics, gives metrics for speed and distances over traversed tracks
    -GPX file support for saving track recordings and viewing of GPX trail files from previous
    -Map browsing for both topo and google map layers
    -Single map selection from a list of mountain names or in some cases by town name for topo map viewing
    of a specific area in the park.
    -Live continuously updated bread crumb trail, lets you see where you have traveled up to
    your current GPS position

    On startup defaults with GPS in pause mode, and displays a general location in the park.
    To start the GPS tracking go to the map settings and un-check the pause GPS box.
    Track recording is off by default.
    To start a new track recording file, name your track, and check Record Track under Map Settings.
    You can start and stop the recording anytime.
    The bread crumb trail runs all the time while GPS tracking is enabled.
    Statistics data will be displayed when recorded track is selected and displayed, when enabled.

    Note below zoom level 16, new topo map tiles will not be loaded and displayed , so if you don't see a topo check and make sure the zoom is at 16 or above.
    If you select a single map from the selection, make sure you are at zoom level 16 or above or the map will not be displayed.
    When displaying track overlay files the browsing of maps is slower, for general browsing you can speed things up by clearing the track display while browsing.

    **Remember never rely solely on electronic devices , they can fail at any time.