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    Chimes as a Ships Bell every 1/2 hour w/ adjustable watch patterns. Like eight bells.
    Marine Chiming Clock w/multiple clock faces for ships time, local time and gmt/utc Displays an adjustable watch(shift) progress display and who is on now.

    MarineChimer is a Ship's Bell chiming clock app w/watch(shift)display, that chimes according to watch progress. Now with individual watch chiming / own watch notification. Displays Ships Time, GMT/UTC and Local Time.

    The Mobile phone clock that not only tells you the time by chiming bells, but also display details of the current watch and how long is left of it.
    A must have for anyone that sail a boat / yacht to a watch system, or on a ship with an offset Ships Time.
    Can also be used for other shift applications or just as a way of telling the time by sound.
    Handy to keep track of time in the dark.

    With adjustable watch patterns: watch length, number of watches, 1’st watch start time and
    on watch names.

    Can be used to simply chime the time

    For skippers: Display it prominently in your wheelhouse or at your chart table, to give you and your crew a halve hourly reminder of lookout on wheel or duty changes, like they do on the tallships, and in the navy with their eight bells clock.

    For crew members: Keep it in your inner pocket of your waterproofs on watch and it will keep you updated on progress. Now it can be set to individual watch chiming so it will only chime on your watch. It will also give you a 15 minute pre watch warning.

    Chiming Sequence:
    00:30 : single chime
    01:00 : double chime
    01:30 : double + single chime
    02:00 : 2 double chimes
    02:30 : 2 double + single chime
    03:00 : 3 double chimes
    03:30 : 3 double + single chime
    04:00 : 4 double chimes
    04:30 : 4 double + single chime
    05:00 : 5 double chimes
    05:30 : 5 double + single chime
    06:00 : 6 double chimes
    15min pre watch warning: single and double chimes.

    If you just want a chiming clock, set the start time to 00:00, Watch Length to 6 and Number Of Watches to 4, and it will chime halve hourly in 6 hour periods.

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