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    Trial for Marine Chimer Chiming Bell app with watch display. Emulates a ships bell, chiming every 1/2 hour.

    You can adjust the watch/shift pattern to suit your sailing/work style.
    In this trial version you can not you save any changes to the settings.

    The Mobile phone clock that not only tells you the time by chiming bells, but also display details of the current watch and how long is left of it.
    A must have for anyone that sails to a watch system, or on a ship with an offset ShipsTime
    Can also be used for other shift applications
    or just as a way of telling the time by sound.
    Handy to keep track of time
    in the dark.

    Chiming clock app w/watch(shift)display, that chimes according to watch progress.
    Displays Ships Time, GMT/UTC and Local Time.
    With adjustable watch patterns: watch length, number of watches, 1’st watch start time and on watch names.
    Can be used to just chime the time

    Multilingual, can be adjusted to:
    English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Hindu and Arabic.
    By pressing button near bottom right of screen marked "EN" in screenshot.

    Marine Chimer Trial is a free trial of Marine Chimer. No time limit.

    For more info, manuals andour other apps, visit our website:
    Any questions email:

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