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    Yacht logger and speedometer w/fleet view of friends/boats, nm/knots/mph/km/hr
    Displays, records and maps speed, distance, time and position, storing data in a file to display them later in a graph or on a map. Find your friends.

    MarineLoggerPlus makes your smartphone into a recording device for when you are out sailing. Let;s you display your recorded data in a graph or on a map for more there and then informative visualisation.

    What really sets MarineLoggerPlus apart though is it's ability to store the position data in the cloud, where others via a weblink and a passcode you distribute, easily can display your last position on a map. MarineLoggerPlus also gives you the possibility of a Fleet View where you can display the position of up to 8 friends, their distance from you and the course to them. You can also place them on a map, individually or all together.
    Cloud recording interval is adjustable from 1 minute up to 24 hours and do not affect the locally recorded data.

    Speed and distance is available in nautical miles (knots), kilometres (km/hr) or miles(mph). Position displays are available in decimal or minutes. Compass displays are available in degrees or traditional.

    MarineLoggerPlus assumes that your device have a gps and that it is enabled. You will also need some form of external storage, like an sd card. On some devices with more than 1 sd card it would use the internal one. All files are stored in a folder structure

    If you are unsure if MarineLoggerPlus will work on your device, first try the free product JoggerLogger. If that works, MarineLoggerPlus will work.

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