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    This edition of our Maui Photography app focuses on places to photograph waterfalls on the island of Maui, as well as techniques for capturing beautiful images. Seven different waterfalls and one stream are covered. All are on the Road to Hana:

    - Twin Falls
    - Punalau Valley Stream
    - Pi'ina'au Stream
    - Upper Waikani Falls
    - Pua'a Ka'a State Wayside
    - Upper Hanawi Falls
    - Seven Sacred Pools
    - Alelele Falls

    Improve your Maui Photography Technique

    You've probably waited a long time for your trip to Maui, maybe even bought a new camera. Now you want to go back with a great waterfall photo that you can print and show off to your amazed friends and family. This app will help you do it!

    Techniques discussed include:

    - Shutter speed and aperture to get different looks
    - Panoramic images
    - Use of polarizer
    - Tripod
    - Safety when taking photographs in slippery, wet, and ppotentially dangerous conditions

    GPS Map Locations

    Our Maui Photography app includes precise GPS locations so that you may find the location at which each photograph was taken. Use the built-in offline map to find the site. Better yet, use our Maui Road to Hana GPS Guide app to lead you to each spot. Then use this app to learn more about getting that great shot.

    High Quality Images

    The app contains eight high-quality photographs, each of which was taken with either a Nikon D300 or D7000 camera. These are professional images that look great, especially when displayed on a tablet.

    Offline Map Included

    Because cell phone coverage on the Road to Hana is spotty, we've also included an offline map.
    Map links to each shooting location are provided with the description of the photo and technique.