Maui Road to Hana

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    Maui Road to Hana is THE GPS based, audio-enhanced guide that ensures you will never miss a site on this incredible journey.

    NEW and NOW! With offline maps of the entire island of Maui, including a free downloadable USGS topo. No Internet connection needed to view the maps. See where you are, anywhere on the Road to Hana, at any time!

    NEW! Add posts with your Google account, and share them with other app users. Just create your first post when you have an Internet connection, so that we can connect to your Google account. After that, create posts from anywhere on the Hana Highway, even without an Internet connection. Your posts are tagged with your location, and can be viewed on either our built-in map, or the free, downloadable Topo map.

    Maui’s Road to Hana

    Sure, any number of books can tell you approximately how to find a place. But, since many of the interesting sites on the Hana Highway have no signs, these books use “mile markers”. This means that you have to look at the side of the road for these signs, while driving on a slow, winding, and unfamiliar highway. How fun is that?

    With Maui Road to Hana, you receive audio notifications before you come to a site. Then when you arrive, a display pops up with a picture of the place. You get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Hana Highway, and Maui Road to Hana does the rest.

    Maui Road to Hana does not require a cell phone connection for our notifications to alert you. That’s a good thing, too, because for much of the drive your reception will be spotty at best.

    Here are just two of the over 40 places that Maui Road to Hana contains:

    - The Charles Lindbergh grave. Our guide alerts you not only to the church in which the grave is located, but also to the turnoff for the side road that takes you there.

    - Alelele Falls. This little-known section of Haleakala National Park is a great place for a short hike and a dip in an uncrowded pool. Maui Road to Hana guide leads you right to the spot.

    Maui Road to Hana features:

    * Over 100 photographs
    * Over 40 Hana Highway sites, including waterfalls, hikes, markets, and beaches
    * Road turnoff and hazard notifications
    * Custom computer voice algorithm for improved Hawaiian name pronunciation
    * Automatic prompt for voice navigation to the preferred first stop of your trip.
    * Offline maps
    * Integrated with Google Maps for driving directions and navigation

    Save Your Favorites

    You can pin your favorite Maui Road to Hana stops for easy, one-touch access.

    Search Maui Road to Hana

    Search for information by using the search key on your phone.

    Approach Signals Based on your Speed

    In response to user feedback, our superb GPS guide is even better! We updated Road to Hana to adjust our approach signals based on your driving speed. You should still go slow to enjoy the ride!

    A Note about Offline Maps

    Maui Road to Hana audio visual notifications work as long as you have a GPS satellite connection. Cell connection is not required for this. Our app is designed to give you hands free assistance.

    Add On US Geological Survey Topo Map for Offline Use

    The US Geological Survey topographical map -- commonly known as the "topo map" -- is the gold standard in mapping for remote locations. And now you can have access to this map, specifically for the entire island of Maui, at any time -- and completely offline! A one-time download is all it takes*. The map scale is about 1:4,000.

    * Topo map download size is about 78 Megabytes. 4G or WiFi is recommended.

    Happy and safe driving to you!

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