Mazatlan Guide




    Developed by AutoRentas Aga, S.A. de C.V. to meet a basic need of the tourist that visits the city, to have all the information on his smartphone. A guide of all the services the city offers, as well as historical information, monuments, theaters, museums, entertainment centers, accommodation, specialty restaurants, transportation, sports and cultural events, what to do in the city, Magic Towns, services directory, deals and tips.

    Also, this App becomes a very important tool to promote the destination and the different businesses, as it is possible to upload photos and videos in the different social networks, featuring a booking engine for the different activities that the tourist providers offer, with an augmented reality engine that combines location with everything that is around, giving tourists an instrument to move, to visit places of interest and to have a better development in the city without needing anyone to direct or guide them, with location maps, nearby places and the best routes.

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