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    Mobile internet is costlier than Mobile SMS. Mobile SMS has much better coverage in all parts of the world than Mobile internet.The latency of Mobile SMS is better than Mobile internet. So the GPS+Mobile SMS based solution is preferred than a GPS+Mobile internet based solution. This application uses GPS+Mobile SMS based solution.

    This application is used to get location of friends, family members, cabs,trucks, service persons ..etc using GPS and Wireless Network providers Both sides (you and the person you want to locate) should have the same application installed on their device. You can allow or deny your location by using the Authorized filter list. If you are a service person you can also charge your customers for providing your location using the credit enable/disable option. This app allows you to transfer location data from your mobile to another using bluetooth.

    It also maintains the history of requests made and responses received.

    For each request one sms is sent to the remote device and one sms received from remote device as the response. For periodic requests only one sms is sent as request and you will get location response at periodic intervals
    as set by you.

    The application can remind you with a sound whenever it sends location to somebody.

    If you would like to do trial of this application, then download MeoLinksTrial and check.

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