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    Moe Taxis Official App:
    Free mobile cab booking App for use in Moe

    Leap-frog calls queues and hold times when booking your cab

    Moe Taxis detects your location (for best results, use outdoors)

    Moe Taxis Fare Estimator will give you an approximate value for the cost of your trip

    Moe Taxis will help you Find A Rank in your immediate vicinity

    Make bookings using your previous booking history within the App

    Sync your favourites

    Check on the last known location of your cab

    Make multiple cab bookings for future dates and times

    Please note that this is a cab booking App that ultimately requires driver acceptance of the booking prior to your cab being assigned

    Automatic Dial Moe Taxis

    We are proud to deliver the official Moe Taxis mobile booking App. We hope you enjoy it as much as you will no doubt find it useful.

    Moe Taxis App was created for Moe's discerning cab travelling public who want to save time and money when booking their cabs. Simply by-pass call queues and hold times altogether with this brilliant App, especially useful during peak periods such as Friday and Saturday nights.

    Moe Taxis commitment to customer service is evident in the user-friendly and intuitive interface. Boasting superior functionality to any existing cab booking App in Australia, users can book cabs direct to their location with ease via the phone’s built-in GPS.

    Moe Taxis App gives its users the power to make multiple bookings for future dates and times, use a list of previous locations for rapid bookings and even maintain a library of favourites to expedite future bookings.

    The slick Where's My Cab? function conveniently allows users to check the status of their cab on active bookings by geographically depicting the last known location of the assigned cab, dispensing with costly call backs in the process.

    Fare Estimator as it name suggests provides a good indication of how much users can expect to pay for their trip, virtually eliminating fare disputes in bookings using Moe Taxis App.

    Find A Rank is a failsafe during peak times when bookings are heavy and available cabs can be scarce. It displays a map representing the user’s location in relation to cab ranks in their proximity.

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