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    I am not a professional developer and definitely lack a broader vision at this age (16 years).My app may not be exactly up to your expectations.I developed it just because I love MY KASHMIR. Your suggestions can help me to improve it.

    DEDICATED TO All those who love KASHMIR, irrespective of color, caste, religion or region.

    Thanks to my parents (Rubeena Shahzadi & Dr. Shakeel) for their tremendous support, especially for teaching me computer basics, when i was only three years old.

    I am also highly obliged to Esteemed Editors of Greater Kashmir and Pakistan Observer for popularizing the app.

    This is an online app & requires active data connection.Data charges may apply.The app works very well on 3G network.On 2G network it may load slowly.The ad displayed at the beginning is beyond my control. I am not responsible for the content of the ad either.You can skip the ad while loading, by clicking back button.

    بہ چھوس ژودھ وھر کاشر کوٹ- ناو چھم دانش شکیل تہ نوی مہ جماژ چھس پران- نمبل ھار بڈگام کس صوفی شاعر صمد میرن چھس زور; ونہ کیس چھس اوم پور ھاوسنگ کالونی بڈگامہ روزان- یہ ایپ بناو مہ پننین کاشرین دوستن ھندہ خاطرۂ- اتھ منز چھے کشیرٍ ھندس ;سرکارس، سرکار دفترن،ضلعہ صدر مقامن،کاشرس کلچرس، کھن چنس،گاڈہ کرایس،جہازہ وڈون، اخبارن تہ کاشر زبان مطلق واریاہ شیچھ خبر-امہ علاوہ چھو بیہ واریاہ کہنہ-یہ ایپ کریو ڈون لوڈ تی زاؑنیو ماجہ کشیرہ مطلق سورئ- بو چھس ونہ شرٗ-او کن اؐسہ مہ کنہ کنہ جایہ لوٌکٹ موٌکٹ اتر گومتوی-تتھ دی زیو معافی- 


    *Important Contacts

    *Important E-Mail IDs

    *Links to all major JK Govt Departments

    *Government Orders

    *Citizen Charters

    *Grievance Cell



    *Music Download



    *Religious Books

    *English & Kashmiri Translation

    *RTO Kashmir

    *Railway timings(Kashmir)

    *Information about various districts


    *Kashmir University

    *Jammu University

    *Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University

    *SP College

    *Amar Singh College

    *Women`s College MA Road

    *Women`s College Nawa Kadal

    *Kashmiri Poet Samad MIr

    *JK Cultural Academy

    *Prominent Kashmiris

    *Flight Schedule

    *Learn Kashmiri

    *Kashmiri Proverbs

    *English translation of Kashmiri folk tales

    *Distance chart of major JK roads

    *Bus Fare chart of some Kashmir routes

    Much more.

    Please send your suggestions to

    (Some links may be broken and will be fixed in subsequent updates;Insha Allah)

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