■ Outline
    ・"MYOKO NAVI" is an app that lets you view tourism information on the city of Myoko in Niigata Prefecture, to support tourism in Myoko. It provides information that includes explanations of various spots in the tourist sites of Myoko, maps, the location of accessible bathrooms around tourist sites, etc.
    ・By separately installing the free-to-download junaio app, and linking the two apps, you can also: access detailed informational videos by focusing your camera on the photos on the Myoko Tourism Pamphlet, see tags near your location superimposed on your camera screen, and use a function that will make it easier to find tourist spots near Myoko (an AR function).
    ・Use the app to learn about nature, history, and culture in Myoko and enjoy your visit!

    ■ Main functions
    ・Searching for spots
    -You can look for tourist information by type.
    -You can look for tourist information on a map.

    ・Information guide
    -You can look for ski and golf facilities, or lodging information.
    -It also displays a transportation map to help you get to Myoko.

    ・Camera functions (you must install the free junaio app from Metaio separately)
    -Focus on the photos on our pamphlet with your camera, and detailed video explanations will play.
    -You can look for nearby tourist sites using this function to see tags near your location superimposed on your camera screen.

    ・ "calorie calculator" for when you are walking around
    ・Social network function for members to share their tourist experiences (SNS function)
    ・Tools to help you create a travel journal during your trip (Travel Diary function)

    ■ Please be aware:
    ・You will need a 3G, Wifi, or similar environment to use this app.
    ・This app uses GPS information to find your location.
    ・The information provided was last updated in October 2012.

    ・About the AR function
    To use an AR function with your camera, you must also install the "AR browser juniao," a free app offered by Metaio, in addition to this app.

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