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    This application program「I want to know. Mystery 100 of Fuji」[Desu].
    2013(2013) It was registered in the world cultural heritage by the name of "Mt. Fuji-object of the belief and source of the art" on the age June 22.
    Manyoshu..Takahashi..I hasten to inform you..Fuji..go..)..come..flying down..provide..god..treasure..become..mountain..Suruga..become..Fuji..see..satiate..write..Mt. is not an exaggeration to say that sublime beauty in Mt. Fuji is a birthplace of the mind again for the Japanese, and fear and the sense of reverent awe to the Fuji have supported Japanese power of expression and it is likely to have cultivated it however. Mt. Fuji became stages such as literature, the painting, music, and plays, and was a mother's womb of the culture that invented a lot of works. Does not Mt. Fuji's dressing we Japanese' minds in [**] like this about why stop?
    It seems not to be only Japanese that the charm in Mt. Fuji. Edo period..middle term..come to over the world..extremely..beautiful..mountain..the end of shogunate..United States..consul very highly.
    The diamond big company the other day and the Oricon monitor research think and exceed 80% thinking, "It wants your knowing" thinks in the question of "Does it want that you know Mt. Fuji became World Heritage as for the foreign country?" to the Japanese and to understand and to ask "Does it want that you visit the foreigner who came to travel to Japan Mt. Fuji?", one 70% near seems to think, "It wants your visit" in collected questionnaires.
    However, if it is questioned it was possible to come from the foreign country, are you answered very neatly?Only the altitude of Mt. Fuji and the number of the lake and pond will at most be answered to most Japanese. Now since registered in World Heritage, should not I deepen knowledge and understanding more as a Japanese?A mountain part red person also says, "[Taka**] of legend remark lamplight patch line [kamu] Fuji" in 'Manyoshu'. ..legend.. then, do not people who are not only the Japanese but also all over the world have?
    This application program collected problems for wanting to know 'Fuji' in fuller detail.
    In the problem of 100, it doesn't limit to Mt. Fuji alone and there are various problems concerning 'Fuji'.
    Moreover, a concise, legible explanation is attached, too.
    Moreover, it does recommended to the aim of passing about the Mt. Fuji authorization about the second class and the third class. The high school student who aims at the junior high school student and the university examination that aims at the grade-schooler and entrance exam for high school that aims at the junior high school examination must challenge when the examination ends. Other one : as a liberal learning by all means at once.
    Even when the point of which it thinks because of the first challenge cannot be taken, only a wrong problem can be done over again.
    Let's know 'Fuji' perfectly answering the quiz of 100.

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