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    A tour of wine, food and culture!

    Want to savor your trip to the Napa Valley and Sonoma and avoid the tourist traps? Just pack your SmartPhone and let us show you how to save time, money, energy and inconvenience as you explore the heart of California’s Wine Country.

    “Napa – Sonoma Loop” maps out 24 hours of adventure through Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford, Yountville, Sonoma, the Carneros region and of course Napa. We’ll travel through vineyards, farmlands, state parks and museums. We’ll stop at wineries, restaurants, a distillery and charming hotels. We want to share with you the bounty of Napa and Sonoma’s food and wine culture by showing you the best places for authentic Wine Country experiences.

    Don’t expect our travel guides to be an endless list of every business in the area, we’ll leave that to Yelp and the Yellow Pages, nor should you expect a review of every winery in the region. Instead, we offer you a well-researched list of places we can honestly and heartily recommend that you visit. We have traveled to each destination, stayed in all the hotels, sipped wine at each winery and eaten at each of the restaurants listed.

    We don’t accept freebies. We pay what you pay. And you reap the benefit of our independent, objective and unfiltered opinions. We take users on a guided adventure from breakfast through dinner. It's much like having a personal concierge.

    What you can expect:

    • Under-the-radar wineries
    • Local and sustainable restaurants
    • 24 Hours of “Cool Things to Do”
    • Lots of uncensored opinions, and a few laughs

    We’ll give you our candid and distinctively personal opinion — never mean, sometimes irreverent and funny, but always unapologetic.


    • We incorporated Google maps. Each tour stop is linked to a map that can be easily enlarged within the application.
    • Easy to explore: Our navigation wheel lets you move smoothly and quickly between Day Tours, Restaurants/Bars, Wineries, Hotels, Cool Stuff to Do and Attractions.
    • In sharp contrast to many travel apps this travel guide doesn't rely on scraping data from various websites that anyone with minor search engine skills could easily access online. Every photo, tour map and written review were created specifically for this application.


    Check out our multiple day in-depth tours of the following wine regions!

    • Napa Valley - Carneros, CA

    This is California’s epicenter for food and wine. Join us for a tour of world class Cabernet Sauvignons, modern art and gourmet American home cooking. Go to the place where California’s wine industry began.

    • Sonoma - Russian River Valley, CA

    We explore Sonoma County from the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the heart of the wine country. We learn about Pinot Noirs in the Russian River Valley and sip Zinfandel in the Dry Creek Valley while touring the “Valley of the Moon.” We visit a historic mission and learn about a cult-like secret society for the super rich. If this is not a diverse tour, what is?

    • Willamette Valley, OR

    Travel with us to Oregon’s major wine region, the Willamette Valley, to learn more about Pinot Noirs. We will explore small towns and waterfalls, and see the largest airplane ever built, while visiting some of the newest under-the-radar wineries from Carlton, Dundee, Newberg and Amity-Eola.

    • Yakima Valley - Red Mountain, WA

    Eastern Washington’s premiere wine region is truly under-the-radar. We explore the Yakima Valley, Zillah, Toppenish and Prosser; then we head to one of Washington state’s newest AVAs, “Red Mountain.”

    Following the success of the movie, “Sideways” comes the follow-up feature film “Vertical”. Join us for a scenic 24 loop through the Willamette Valley visiting many of the wineries and restaurants from the movie!


    We will update our content periodically. If you have suggestions, please feel free to reach out. We will personally respond to all emails.