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    Discover Local Stories

    Tuhura Lite is a sample of the ultimate New Zealand travel app – see local New Zealanders tell the stories behind New Zealand history and culture in their own words.

    Tuhura New Zealand focuses on the people and places Aotearoa – Land of the Long White Cloud.

    By watching short (around 90 second) film clips, you’ll discover the stories behind:
    • New Zealand’s best tourist destinations,
    • the best things to do in New Zealand,
    • Māori and European history,
    • New Zealand’s unique culture and
    • famous people from New Zealand.

    Discover New Zealand:
    • our stories and Māori legends’
    • our unique Māori and European culture’
    • our historical events, and
    • our famous people.

    Clips include:
    • local legends, including Māori story of Rangitoto,
    • a spectacular time-lapse video of the construction of the New Zealand Sky Tower,
    • Eden Park and the 2011 Rugby World Cup,
    • Sir Edmund Hilary and other famous New Zealanders,
    • The Beatles 1964 visit, and
    • much more

    Tuhura becomes your very own New Zealand tour-guide, connecting you with the real New Zealand and background stories even the locals don’t know about.

    An innovative first, Tuhura’s extensive catalogue of New Zealand tourism film clips are arranged by GPS location. That means, as you are travelling through the New Zealand region of New Zealand, you can view a short video and hear the background stories relating to the history and culture of nearby tourist sites.

    And, for those who would prefer to discover New Zealand from the comfort of a hotel room, campervan or café, clips are also arranged according to region and subject matter.

    Extra New Zealand tourist features include:
    • free GPS linked maps help you find the top New Zealand tourist sites,
    • up-coming events throughout New Zealand, and
    • special offers to some of New Zealand’s best tourist attractions.

    Don’t go home regretting that you missed out on some of the best things to do in New Zealand, and on discovering the events and people that shaped New Zealand.

    Download the Tuhura New Zealand tourist app. today – available in iPhone, Android, iPad, and Tablet formats.

    Please note:
    • due to film licensing agreements, some video content can be viewed only from within New Zealand
    • to avoid international roaming charges, purchase a SIM card from a New Zealand digital store, , supermarket, I-SITE, or similar outlet

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