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    Instantly share your location with friends, partners and colleagues. Let them know where you are! Track and share your GPS location and explore points of interest around you with the best GPS location and fleet management app!

    NEW: One Touch Location MANAGER

    Realtime GPS Fleet Management for Android. Track an unlimited number of One Touch Location Ultimate users simultaneously. Seamlessly use OTL Manager on your desktop, tablet (iPad) or mobile phone.

    Now available for free at

    Share your location with one touch. The recipients will receive an e-mail or SMS with your current address and a link to online maps. On their smartphone they can open this link directly in the maps app and use it as the destination for driving directions.

    With 'One Touch Location' kids can update their parents, partners each other, and friends can use it to find each other.

    2. TRACK
    Track your location continuously on your personal One Touch Location profile page. Once you turn on tracking in the app and send a link to your friends they will know where you are on the move. Before sending you can check your Online Tracking Profile from within the app. GPS tracking that simply works!

    3. EXPLORE
    Discover points of interest that match your interests around you while you are on your way. Perfect, if you are new in a city and looking for cafés or galleries for example.

    POSITION / SHARE Features:
    Uses GPS or network location providers
    Shows current address, which can be copied
    Send address, GPS position and link via e-mail or SMS
    Define quick access contacts
    Let the app speak the address
    Facebook integration: Publish directly to Facebook
    Share location on social networks like Twitter
    Add comment to Facebook post (Pro only)
    Up to five quick access contacts (Pro only)
    Set custom e-mail subject, CC and BCC (Pro only)
    More accurate location (Pro only)
    Switch position display (degrees/decimal) (Pro only)

    TRACK Features:
    Cloud based & real-time GPS tracking
    Your track is accessible online on your personal tracking profile
    Show your real-time track from within the app
    Share your real-time track via e-mail, SMS or publish it on Facebook or Twitter
    Access protection - you decide who can see your location
    Maps integration
    Fixed update interval of 10 minutes (free version)
    Define the tracking interval from 1 or 5 minutes to 6 hours (Pro or Ultimate only)
    Your track will be visible for 6 (free), 24 (Pro) hours or forever (Ultimate)
    Personalize your tracking profile (Pro only)
    GPX and KML export (Pro only)
    Tracking autostart and Tasker integration (Pro only)

    EXPLORE Features:
    Let the app search for points of interest in the background
    Get notified instantly
    Worldwide places database
    Facebook, Maps and Foursquare integration
    Adjust the search radius from 100m to 5000m (Pro only)
    Enter up to three search terms (Pro only)

    The app is a perfect companion for
    - hikers, mountain climbers and campers,
    - runners and cyclists,
    - bikers,
    - children, kids and teenagers,
    - field staff and drivers,
    and everyone else who wants to send location traces. Sharing your location with Facebook friends with ‘One Touch Location’ is much easier than with Foursquare, Glympse, or similar apps - no need to register or log in. If you used Google Latitude you will find One Touch Location a useful GPS tool too.

    One Touch Location: Share - Track - Explore
    Free app to share and track your location and explore the world around you! Visit the official homepage at:


    We to get feedback from our customers. If you have an issue or suggestion, please send us an e-mail to

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