Over Here Guam!




    Over Here Guam! is a Safety and Navigation Utility app that can Email or SMS your GPS coordinates in an easy to use Google Map URL that recipients merely tap to open. Send your location to anyone/anywhere! Our offline maps assure no network needed!

    Just choose Email or SMS, add a short note, and press 'send'... It couldn't be any easier!

    SMS/eMail your stranded car location to the Police or Towing Company
    SMS/eMail your calmed Sailboat location to the Coast Guard
    SMS/eMail your location to the Forestry service
    SMS/eMail your location for pickup
    SMS/eMail your location to yourself before leaving your vehicle in a large parking area.
    SMS/eMail your location to your friends; have them join you for dinner.
    SMS/eMail your location as part of a high-tech hide and seek game.
    SMS/eMail your location for any reason your imagination can conject.

    Also chock full of great island information! Tips for hiking, swimming, reef walking, typhoon preparation and all kinds of activities!

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