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    Phillip Island Taxis App was developed for Phillip Island locals and visitors who want to save time and money when booking a cab. It’s ideal for use during peak periods including weekends and special events.

    Phillip Island Taxis Official App allows you to book a taxi quickly and conveniently with no more phone queues or long hold times. Simple and easy to use!

    Booking options include:
    • map booking from your current location
    • entering your pick up address
    • previous pick up locations
    • booking from your favourites list

    Other useful tools:

    Fare Estimator - Estimate the cost of your cab fare before you book

    Find a Rank - Show cab ranks closet to your location

    Status - Check the status of your booking

    Cab Whistler - Hail a cab

    Download this free app now and make travelling in Phillip Island a breeze.

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