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    proTextor blocks incoming and outgoing text messages and phone calls while driving over a preset speed. GPS enabled software is engaged when the vehicle begins moving, blocking incoming and outgoing calls and texts.

    Note: Only works with Android version 2.2 and below.

    • By default the threshold speed is set to 10MPH. Administrator can change speed.
    • By default all blocking services are on
    o block incoming call
    o block outgoing call
    o block incoming text
    o block outgoing text
    • Administrator can change blocking services
    • Reply auto text is sent to callers if phone or text is blocked (i.e. “I’m driving now, call me later”. User or Administrator can change the Reply auto text.
    • User or Administrator can change from MPH to KPH or vice versa
    • Incoming calls are sent to voice mail if blocked
    • Outgoing text messages are sent to the SMS inbox if SMS blocked
    • User can dial emergency number any time
    • Administrator sets Emergency Number, by default it is set to “911”
    • Administrator can add overrides, an override allows incoming and outgoing text and calls
    • Administrator can send remote command to the user’s phone to set the blocking services
    • Administrator can send a remote command to stop proTextor on the user’s phone
    • Administrator can send a remote command to display the user location in Google maps (showing Name, Address, Phone and Speed)
    • Notifications are displayed to the user if a call or text is blocked (i.e. “Incoming call blocked”)

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