Purdue Campus Map

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    Map containing EVERY Building on the Purdue University campus.
    Get Walking Guidance to Anywhere at Purdue!
    Never Get Lost at Purdue Again.
    Full Building List:

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    Features Include:
    *Every building on the Purdue campus!
    *Walking directions to anywhere at Purdue - just follow the blue line for the fastest walking path!
    *See where you are AT ALL TIMES with this interactive Purdue campus map - it updates your location on the map in real time!
    *Insta-Zoom locates the building on the Purdue map for you as you click the building
    *Real, zoomable satellite imagery of the entire Purdue University campus so that you can compare your surroundings to the image!
    *Android Tablet Compatible!
    *Street View of roads at Purdue so you can preview your path!

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