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    Quebec City Guide

    Quebec as we all know is the national capital of the Canadian province. Set atop Cape Diamond, this city always speaks to travelers of quest, military history and discovery. Quebec City is often swarming with visitors from all over the world who come for the delectable and inventive cuisine. The remarkable history portrays the heart and soul of francophone culture in the New World as it accounts up to more than nine million visitors each year.
    Voted as the top 10 tourist locations by everyone, Quebec City and the crowd will leave a fascinating sense and a buzz whenever you walk down the streets. In short, it’s quite hard not to be completely wowed by this stunning place commonly referred as the crown jewel of French Canada.

    So if you are traveling for the first time – there’s simply no place like it and you can explore more with a little help from Quebec City Guide.

    Take a look at the Highway Features:
    • Get to know ABOUT the city
    • One Tap Solution to access the information about the significant places in Quebec
    • Access to map is offline
    • Bookmarking - Book Mark your favorite spot
    • Taping on Categories will show the list of places on map
    • All in one search option
    • Tap on Weather Forecast will display the coming 5 days weather
    • Display your current location (When in City)
    • Easy Navigation to the Book Mark View Page

    Find emergency numbers on the GO - Hospital, Regional Air Travel, Travel, Taxi/Limousines, Police Station, and Fire Station

    Discover the cobbled streets and historical town and navigate around with ease. Quebec City Guide will guide you every time you plan your visit.