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    Quick Answer To State Capitals

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    ShowCapital lets the user to enter a state name to find out its state capital city. The United States has 50 states. Yet, most Americans don't remember all 50 state names instantly. It may take a while to remember some. But do they remember or actually know the capital city of each state instantly? The answer is unlikely. ShowCapital gives that quick answer. User enters a state name, the app will show the state capital accordingly. For example, if the user enters "California", then "Sacramento" would show as the state capital. If "New York" is entered, then it would show "Albany" as the state capital. And when "Florida" is entered, then you would see "Tallahassee" as the capital city.

    Lets test yourself first to see if you can answer the following question right away: What are the state capital cities of Nebraska and Oregon?

    If it takes you more than 15 seconds to answer, then ShowCapital can give you quicker help.


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