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    Worried about your newly independent teens, college students or even elderly parents, traveling and arriving safely? If so, you need SafetyLink360.

    This new Android smartphone app is a potentially lifesaving personal safety application that features five, easy button alerts that when triggered, forward messages to the users’ list of emergency contacts, including 911. Each pre-programmed alert has the ability to capture and send current GPS location, physical address, date and time data to the list of contacts. Each alert describes the situation and pinpoints the user's whereabouts, which will keep parents, care givers, friends and authorities informed, or able to quickly dispatch help if needed.

    Each of the five (5) program buttons will be assigned the same five (5) mobile phone numbers provided in the setup. Choose the best five (5) friends and/or family members that will be your contact(s) and will receive safety alerts and your location. A standard text message along with your current location will be sent to your list of five (5) contacts when a button is pressed. Below are the five alert buttons available to keep you in touch with your contacts under various situations. GPS must be enabled on your phone!

    Destination Button: Notifies your contacts that you arrived at your destination safely. If Facebook is enabled it posts a check-in on your wall.

    Lost Button: Notifies your contacts that you are lost and sends location data.

    Car Breakdown: Notifies your contacts that you are having car problems and also dials your roadside assistance phone number (default: AAA Roadside assistance).

    Medical Alert: Notifies your contacts that you are sick or injured and asks that they check on you.

    Danger Alert: Notifies your contacts that you are in danger and need help. It also opens a dial with 911 input.

    Facebook: Facebook (disabled by default) can be enabled in the settings window, and will open a Facebook login dialog to login next time you open the app.

    Perfect for kids, students, significant others, shut-ins, travelers, best friends, or anyone whose safety is critically important.

    Applievable, LLC will donate 10% of all proceeds to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.