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    Offline map of the Greek islands of Samos, Ikaria and smaller islands of Fourni, Patmos, Arki, Lipsi, Lerosi, Kalymnos, Agia Marina, Skala, Thymena for tourist and business visitors.

    Download the app before you go or using your hotel's Wi-Fi and avoid expensive roaming charges. The map runs completely on your device; map display with pan and infinite zoom, routing, searching, everything. It does not use your data connection at all. Switch your phone function off if you want to!

    Is it all in Greek? We have made the map in Greek and "English". Bilingual information from the original map data is used where available and, in just a few cases, we have filled in with our automatic transliteration technology. Relax and enjoy!

    The map is based on OpenStreetMap data,

    How good is the data? OpenStreetMap coverage of Samos is fair. Place names, road and street coverage appears very complete but many street names are still missing. The airport and ferry terminals are mapped. Things to do and see are reasonably covered. Amenities such as hotels, eating places, supermarkets are still thin. Tracks, footpaths and other amenities such as medical facilities are sparse. Mapping of Ikaria and other islands is less advanced but improving. We publish free app updates with new information.

    Terrain is shown on the map, and can be turned off for faster display.

    The app includes a search function and a gazetteer of commonly needed items like hotels, eating places, post offices and pharmacies as well as museums and other things to see and do.

    You can bookmark places like your hotel for easy return route setting.

    Turn-by-turn navigation is available on devices with GPS. Without GPS, you can still show a route between two locations.

    Navigation will show you an indicative route and can be configured for car, bicycle or foot. The developers provide it without any guarantee that it is always correct. For example, it does not show turn restrictions - places where it is illegal to turn. Some rural roads may be suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles only and/or for people familiar with the area and terrain. Use with care and above all look out for and obey road signs.

    We hope it does not happen to you but: Like most small developers, we cannot test a wide variety of phones and tablets. If you have trouble running the application, do email us and we will try to help.

    System requirements: An sdcard with at least 10 MB of free space. A GPS device is needed for the Where Am I? and Turn By Turn Navigation functions, but is not mandatory.

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