SASAbus is the official APP from SASA SpA-AG.

    SASAbus is the first application to consult the bus schedule of SASA (Società Autobus Servizi d'Area - Städtischer Autobus Service AG) for all lines of the city of Bozen, Meran and Leifers (South Tyrol).

    Operation is very simple: choose the bus line or the bus stop: SASAbus will show you the next bus stop schedule, from now on with the realtime data of the busses. The newest feature is the possibility to have access to the information of free parking slots in the citz of Bolzano.

    SASAbus is Free Software released under the terms of GNU General Public Licence (GPLv3+). You can help improving it, pointing out any bugs or implementing new features. The source code is available on

    Copyright (C) 2011-2016 SASAbus Team

    - Paolo Dongilli
    - Markus Windegger
    - Davide Montesin
    - Thomas Nocker
    - David Dejori
    - Alex Lardschneider

    The data included in this application is provided by and released under the CC-2.0-BY-SA (

    Other data used by this application is licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database Lizenz an copyrighted by OpenStreetMap-Contributors.

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