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    This UP-TO-DATE HD App reveals a shocking secret about Santa Monica - a huge chunk of the city has yet to be discovered by the tourists. We live here and we created this App to share our little known part of town with you. So many Santa Monica secrets are hidden here:

    ✔ 45 Relaxing outdoor patios a block away from the ocean, many secret and well-hidden

    ✔ Secret beach sports: tennis, volleyball, basketball, paddle board, boarding

    ✔ Secret beach & food events

    ✔ 13 Secret spots where celebrities hang out

    ✔ 30 Secret bars, 2 European biergartens, 5 dance clubs, 6 places to get LOBSTER, over 10 places offering live entertainment

    ✔ 7 Secret places to take artsy & crafty classes

    ✔ 12 sandwich shops aligning a grassy beach picnic spot

    ✔ 3 Secret bookstores, 19 coffee shops, and 10 museums

    ✔ 8 Secret places to get a massage

    ✔ Secret spots for kids, dogs, and even 9 places for vegetarians

    Could this paradise really be a secret? All we can say is that we’ve lived right here for 20 years, we walk around this area every day, and we don’t see any tourists in these secret bars, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, museums, dance clubs, and celebrity hangouts. We’re surprised they don’t know about the 45 secret outdoor patios all in walking distance, many hidden from view in the back of these establishments. Why don't they visit the 19 little-known quiet coffee shops or enjoy the $29.99 Lobster Special? Didn’t they know there are secret delicious treats and sights not found in the busy tourist part of the city? Why aren’t they playing $3 Tennis, Free Volleyball, and Free Basketball? Why are the free beach chairs always empty?

    We see hoards of tourists at the Santa Monica Pier and the 3rd Street Promenade, but we don’t see them at the secret events in this part of the city.

    Why not? We’re honestly not sure. Over here, it’s less crowded, more relaxing, less expensive, it’s just as beautiful and there’s just as much going on. Why don’t they know about this amazing but apparently secret part of Santa Monica?

    Secret Santa Monica is Silicon Beach, where few realize there are more tech industry players than in Silicon Valley. Secret Santa Monica is Dogtown, where the Z-Boys invented modern aerial skateboarding, and the inspiration for the X Games extreme sporting events. Secret Santa Monica is the world-renowned home of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and paddleboarding culture. Secret Santa Monica is where Ice Hockey Professionals drop in for street hockey. Secret Santa Monica is mentioned in a Beach Boys song.

    You’ll discover these and more Santa Monica Secrets in this marvelous App which includes photos and reviews by Yelp and Foursquare.

    (If you don’t want a data connection to be used, be sure to turn it off.)

    Allow us to unveil Secret Santa Monica to you. It’s a place where you can magnify everything about your visit to Santa Monica. You’ll have more relaxation, more sun, more fun, and no crowds. You’ll be able to do more because it all costs less on this side of town.

    The Places You Want To Go...That Most People Will Never Know!

    You’ll be the first to know about SECRET SANTA MONICA.

    Will you keep the secret?

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