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SECURITAS SOS - Security App

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    SECURITAS SOS - Security App

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    Securitas SOS is a personal safety and security app that provides emergency services to help you stay safe and secure no matter where you are – domestically or internationally.

    Introduced by Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., the nation’s leading security provider, Securitas SOS automatically alerts paramedics, police, and loved ones in case of an accident or a fall. You can call a nurse or tow truck with a touch of a button and be forewarned about traffic, crime, news, and weather hazard – all with your Android phone.

    Securitas SOS will alert you about:

    • Traffic problems along your route, including accidents, road closures, or construction
    • Special Safety alerts, including severe weather, and terror threats
    • The latest crime statistics in your current GPS location
    • The latest weather updates displayed automatically as new information becomes available
    • The location of your child, or employee, if they have strayed outside a boundary

    With patent-protected impact detection technology, your Android phone equipped with Securitas SOS detects crashes and impacts and automatically alerts paramedics to get help to you fast in any critical emergency or dangerous situation. Securitas SOS will alert 911 emergency responders and will request help based on your GPS location.

    Securitas SOS has the ability to automatically alert your family and friends. Securitas SOS works directly with your database so you don’t have to enter your contacts again.

    If your car has a problem while you are on the road, your roadside assistance provider can be notified at the touch of a button and before you know it a tow truck will be on the its way to you. Choose your own tow service provider, or use one we have pre-selected.

    Not all accidents happen on the highway – many occur at home, especially with the elderly and the infirm. Securitas SOS gives you peace of mind knowing that help is only one push of a button away, and if you cannot push the button, Securitas SOS automatically calls for help for you. The “nurse” option in Securitas SOS provides assistance with health issue, as well as, general health and wellness information.

    In addition to personal use for safety and security, businesses can also benefit from this powerful application.

    Companies in industries such as transportation, dispatch, delivery, healthcare providers, schools, sales personnel, and anyone who is traveling, or is on the road will benefit from the safety and security features of Securitas SOS.

    The robust features of the Securitas SOS allow for individual, employee, or fleet tracking and analytics, corporate alerting, forewarnings of road closures and traffic problems, crime, weather, and any safety or security threats or hazards.

    Whether for personal, or for business use, now you can get an affordable, easy to use app for your Android phone to help you stay safe and secure anywhere you go.

    The application has been designed to be extremely flexible and very easy to set up and use.

    It can be a dangerous world out there, but Securitas SOS can help make it a lot safer.

    About Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.: Headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, Securitas Security Services USA, Inc is the nation’s leading provider of a full range of security services. Securitas USA and its affiliates offer safety and security solutions, including uniformed security officers, mobile patrol, consulting & investigations, and cutting edge technology based safety and security services and application.

    For more information about Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., please visit our websites,, and

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