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    Send My Location is a simple app which enables you to send a link to a map of your current location to friends,family members and associates via email.

    There is also a feature to authenticate yourself with your signature. This is optional and you may choose to use it or not entirely at your option. This feature allows you to use the touch-screen of your phone to sign your location before sending it across via email. This signature goes as an image file to the recipient along with the link for your location.

    You need to have your phone location enabled to use this app. If you do not have phone location enabled and want to select a location,you can use our other free app "Send Any Location".

    This is a simple and practical location app . This app does not send your location automatically. You need to tap a button and send it across to any particular email address that you enter. This helps you to keep control over the people who will see your location as you select the email address to send your location yourself.

    This is not a social networking app but more of a communication tool within people you know and trust. This helps to communicate with friends, family members and people you know. For example, you might send your Mom a "Dont Worry" message along with your a link to a map with your location.

    If you have a sales team and would like to keep track of your sales people, this app can do that for you. You just need to ask your sales people to email their signed location at a particular time.

    There is something about the human mind,mothers and near and dear ones as they stop worrying once they know your whereabouts.

    If you want to send your whereabouts to a friend, enter his email address and tap to send.

    There is an additional "To Do" list management feature which allows you to write and save your "to do" lists and text notes inside the application. All notes are stored locally on your device.

    This is a one to one communication app and uses your phone's GPS/geo location (only if enabled) to pick your location automatically and then you enter the receiver's email address to send your location to that individual.

    In short, Send My Location app helps you to send your location to people you trust.

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