Serbiamap.Mobile is designed for fast and efficient search against database of referenced locations and POIs in Serbia. Find about interesting locations and services using general or GPS based search, view details on map and more.

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    Application features:
    - Using GPS receiver on your device, if available.
    - Proprietary local maps
    - Online search of our POI database (through Internet connection). Search can be performed on several criteria, by name, by object type and by proximity, as well. The latter one allows user to filter search results by proximity from current GPS location and sort them accordingly. This way you can perform searches like 'the nearest petrol station' or 'list of hotels in city I'm located'.
    - For each object in search results, map view can be invoked using option Show map.
    - Objects (POIs) usually contain short description (address, contact phone, short info - depending on object type). You can checkout those detail using Info option.
    - Usage of offline maps. Map files may be stored on SD card and used offline, without Internet connection.

    GPS tracking in real time

    In order to use Serbiamap.Mobile application for realtime tracking purpose, one should have user account open our system. By filling the standard online form, you will be provided with both web and mobile client user account to use when tracking.You can register for free by filling online registration form.

    Anonymous public accounts

    Beside standard user accounts, one can activate GPS realtime tracking (for testing purpose) without explicit registration. However, those data will be public to all site users - hence the 'public accounts' term. To activate this mode, in mobile client application, use the username that starts with term 'public' (for instance 'public2345' or 'publitest1'), and password is irrelevant (password field may be left blank - not used).

    Anonymous public accounts are weak, their only purpose is for fun and testing. Once again, use public accounts only for demonstration and testing, your location data will be visible to anyone.

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