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    'Share Route' allows you to share your current location with your friends and each of them would get a detailed route map from their present locations to you.
    Both sender and receiver should have 'Share Route' installed in order to use it.

    Upon launching 'Share Route', select 'Share Route' option and current location is retrieved. Then select a friend number from the contacts list, 'Share Route' sends an SMS to the recipient.
    You can go to 'Sent Routes' page to see the list of all sent routes.
    Sent routes can be forwarded whenever you want to.

    As soon as the sender's SMS is received, 'Share Route' auto-launches with a notification. Upon selecting 'Show Route' option, the route to the sender's location will be shown from your current location.
    Go to 'Routes Inbox' page to see all received routes.
    Inbox routes can be shown or can be forwarded whenever you want to.

    'Share Route' does not run in the background and does not share your location with a third party. You use it whenever you want it.

    'Show Route' retrieves the location by the following source based on the availability: The accurate location determined by GPS. The exact location determined by Wi-Fi. OR The approximate location by Mobile Network.

    Please Email if you have any issues using Send Email below.

    Thank you.!

    Share Route app or it's developer does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of any location, route or map information.

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