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    ShareNav is a navigation & (vector) map viewing program with OpenStreetMap editing capabilities. It also has support for viewing raster maps. ShareNav has audio guidance in English, German and Finnish and navigation for car, bicycle and foot.

    Sharenav is copyrighted software licensed under Gnu General Public License version 2. See for more information.

    ShareNav Poland installed from the store has a map for Poland. More maps can be created from OpenStreetMap data and downloaded from Google Play store. ShareNav can also read maps created for GpsMid. See for more information.

    Map viewing & navigation features include:

    * View vector map, optionally rotated by compass or movement
    * Navigation by foot, bicycle or car, voice & text guidance
    * Optionally show raster tile map as background map (with vector map as overlay) or in a separate window
    * Overspeed watch: alert for exceeding speed limit of way
    * Show estimated time of arrival

    Map editing & creation features include:

    * Record tracks
    * Edit OSM data: way tags, adding POIs, editing POI tags
    * Upload tracks to OSM

    You can see ShareNav in action at

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