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    TS Go! Shida Kartli (Rustavi) is a FULL and OFFLINE Tourist map of Shida Kartli, Georgia. Some cities included in this version: Rustavi, Gori, Khashuri, Kaspi, Surami, Bolnisi, Agara... And many more!

    Everything you need in a trip in your phone. Beaches, theme parks, stunning landscapes, museums, hotels, restaurants... And if you have an emergency on your trip: nearby hospitals and other essential points of interest.

    The free full version “TS Go! Catalonia” is available for you to try this app before buying it. DOWNLOAD TS Go! Catalonia FREE.

    In your phone you will see a map showing your current position, and all the interesting places around you. You won’t need anything more! And remember, everything in this app is OFFLINE, so you don’t need to care about the annoying roaming cost.

    Characteristics of the TS Go! maps:

    • GPS positioning. It shows your position, and the real distance to the point you want to visit.
    • Connectivity with Google Maps and Navigation.
    • Map of cities and entire regions completely OFFLINE.
    • Hundreds of points of interest in each city:
    - Museums
    - Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, camping and caravans
    - Parks and monuments.
    - Natural Viewpoints and amazing landscapes
    - Theme parks and zoos
    - Restaurants of all kinds
    - Pubs
    - Beaches
    - Coffeehouses
    - Stores of all kinds
    - Supermarkets
    - Nearby hospitals
    - Banks and ATMs
    • Information on public transport of the most important cities.
    • Share points of interest via Facebook and / or email.

    Some cities included in this version:
    Manglisi Java Kornisi (( Akho )) (( Bagimi )) (( Chinareti )) (( Chincharaantkari )) (( Dzvilant-Kari )) (( Ebrayelebi )) (( Eldzarta )) (( Gorgasheni )) (( Gugutiantkari )) (( Gupta )) (( Ikoti )) (( Kadasar )) (( Khezneuli )) (( Kisiani )) (( Klivana )) (( Korant-Kari )) (( Kvemo-Snekvi )) (( Lomiskhevi )) (( Margiant-Kari )) (( Mzvareti )) (( Nizhniye Sochi )) (( Sakanapo )) (( Teladzhini )) (( Tkhinlara )) (( Vanuri )) (( Verkhniye Kharauli )) (( Verkhniye Sochi )) (( Visto )) (( Vuallag-Gudisi )) Abeliani Abisi Abisistavi Abrameti Abrevi Abukhalo Adzvi Adzvisi Adzvisi Nizhniye Adzvisi Verkhniye Adzvistavi Agaiani Agarebi Agayani Agbulag Agbulak Agbulakh Agbularh Aghaiani Agiani Akhaldaba Akhaldabo Akhaldoba Akhali Burguli Akhali-Zirbiti Akhalisa Akhalk'alak'i Akhalkalak Akhalsheni Akhalsop'eli Akhalsopeli Akhalsopeli Bol'shiye Akhalsopeli Malyye Akhalts'ikhe Akhalubani Akhmadzhi Akhrisi Akhsargina Akhubati Al'borkau Aleksandrestskaro Alget'i Ali Alibari Ambeti Amlevi Amlivi Andisi Andoreti Aradeti Arashenda Arbo Argvitsi Arkhibili Arkhoti Arkinaret'i Arkneti Arts'evi Artsevi Artsiskhevi Asano Astaukag-Erman Astaukag-Sba Ateni Atots'i Atseriskhevi Atsriskhevi Avemo-Reno Avketi Avkveti Avlevi Avnevi Badzhygata Bagiata Balovani Balt'a Baly Kluch Bani Barnabiantkari Bars Barsi Batiuri Baugad Bebnisi Bebuki Begleti Bekami Bekderi Bekmari Belot'i Belyy-Klyuch Benderi Bendzenauli Berbuki Berdzenauli Beridzhvari Berkote Bershuet'i Bershuyeti Berula Bezhaantkari Bezhantkau Bezhantkevi Bezhantkhevi Bidzhnisi Biisi Bikari Biteta Bitetikau Biyeti Bnavisi Bobnevi Bol'shiye Ateni Bol'shiye Dageti Bol'shiye Garedzhvari Bol'shiye Gorisdzhvari Bol'shiye Tsereti Bolnis-Kapanakhchi Bordzhnis Borginisi Borgnisi Borikota Bortsvana Boshuri Botisi Bozhami Bredza Bret'i Brili Britat Britata Britati Brolosani Brolosani Nizhniye Brolosani Verkhniye Brotsleti Budënnovka Budenovka Budenovka-Voroshilovka Bugaura Bulbulistsikhe Burguli Buzala Bziskhevi Ch'khikvt'a Ch'orch'ana Chachubeti Chalisubani Chanchakha Chanchkharo Chandrebi Changilari Charant-Kari Charebi Chaschuri Chasha Cheliata...

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