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    This is the UK only version of ShowMeHills - users had requested a local version with a smaller database. If you want a version for a different country please just request it on the email below.

    ShowMeHills an application which shows the names of hills and mountains superimposed over the camera view (augmented reality!). Contains 205,485 peaks from all over the world!

    Look at the landscape using the camera and labels are superimposed directly over the view. The labels can show the distance to the mountain peak, the bearing, and the height of the mountain.

    Useful for walking and hiking when you want to know what mountains you're looking at!

    You can switch to a Google Map view which also shows the peaks, plus your location and direction of view.

    This is an experimental application that is extremely dependent on your GPS location and handset's compass bearing. If either are inaccurate then the names will appear in the wrong positions. Since the compass on many handsets is very unreliable this can prove frustrating - the application does have the feature to offset the bearing of the compass which can help, and doing the figure of 8 compass calibration can help as well. There are also user options for tweaking the smoothing of compass readings.

    While using the camera view you don't need Internet access, but if you switch to the Google map view you'll need it for the maps.

    The mountain peak database has been extracted from OpenStreetMap by Mayeul Kauffman - an amazing job, taking the number of peaks from hundreds to almost a million!

    The app can be moved to the SD card if required, although the database is only about 10Mb, so it's not as large as you might imagine.

    This is a free open source application released under the GPLv3 license, and developers are welcome to contribute at

    If you come across any problems, please report to the email address:

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