SOS Tracking




    This application applies to expatriates or business travelers who have an arrangement with SOS International a/s.

    SOS Tracking allows the traveler to provide a quick and reliable way of reporting in and staying in contact with their company.

    The application allows the traveler to:
    -Check in and send a GPS position on your current location to SOS Control Centre
    -Report to SOS Control Centre about your actions at your destination
    -Subscribe to the service Sign of Life where you will be notified daily to submit your sign of life to SOS Control Centre
    -Have easy access to the phone number of SOS Control Centre
    -Notify SOS Control Centre to call you back

    On behalf of the company SOS International can take responsibility for having the operational overview of your employees. The Centre is manned 24/7 and can handle a crisis or other situation and assist using pre-agreed emergency response plans. If a crisis situation or catastrophe occurs, the service can be used to send out instructions or information to your affected employees.

    SOS Tracking allows the company the option of specifying and localizing an employee's location anywhere in the world. The company's security or travel manager will always have a quick overview of the company's travelling personnel should a crisis or catastrophe strike the company or in the areas where their employees are located.

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