Speed Trap Alert Pro Premium

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    Radar Alert Pro GPS Radar warning system for Android.

    The ideal software for Android devices. Protect yourself from the radar in a simple and convenient to use, yet powerful.

    This software controls 16 different types of ads. Each notice is configurable in distances, warning and alarm levels of proximity.

    The message types are:

    Fixed Radar
    Mobile Radar
    Controlled Start Segment
    Controlled Leg End
    Dangerous Point
    Black Spot
    Traffic light Radar
    Radar at the beginning of tunnel
    Radar inside tunnel
    Radar tunnel exit
    User point
    Controlled tunnel section
    Fixed-rate band Radar SpeedCurb
    Variable Speed Radar
    Mobile Radar Online

    Alert Pro has an extensive database of potential fixed and mobile radars. Include Portugal, Spain, Andorra, France, Benelux, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Canada, Usa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

    Alert Pro uses 2 detection system: The first is via the database and the second via the Internet in connection with a data server. The user can program how often you receive data from the server and send data in real time.

    We also use our own database if you're in an area where we do not have data. Importing your own data is simple with a Igo8 format file.

    You can configure the following:
    - We can set the scanning distance and angle of scanning points.
    - You can select the units of distance or speed.
    - Notice Time
    - Screen Brightness
    - Activate or not the warnings On-Line (real time)
    - Automatic search for new versions of databases.
    - Day / Night Mode or automatic calculates the sunrise proposal or to select a screen or another.
    - Setting up a SMS for help with the necessary data for its location in an emergency.
    - Speed limiter
    - Speaker volume
    - Bluetooth Boot / Power charge boot
    - Role of 'Where am I' to know where you are in a time of loss.

    It also has an advanced user points manager , where you can catalog your items and display them on a map or send directly the position.

    - You can start Alert Pro in Background.
    - You can choose Navigation Software to start.
    - Alerts now can be shown even when you Alert Pro is in the background or using a navigator.

    Finally AlertPro is compatible with BT AlertPro Shadow Interface and the BT interface. Communications Manager BT BT module and antenna connection Shadow and Merlin, respectively.

    Keep in mind that you need to have GPS enabled and TTS installed.

    You can contact us to discuss improvements or solve problems email

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