Splitsko-Dalmatinska Map

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    Splitsko-Dalmatinska Map

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    TS Go! Splitsko-Dalmatinska (Split) is a FULL and OFFLINE Tourist map of Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Croatia (local Name Hrvatska). Some cities included in this version: Split, Solin, Sinj, Trogir, Omis, Abram, Abramovici... And many more!

    Everything you need in a trip in your phone. Beaches, theme parks, stunning landscapes, museums, hotels, restaurants... And if you have an emergency on your trip: nearby hospitals and other essential points of interest.

    The free full version “TS Go! Catalonia” is available for you to try this app before buying it. DOWNLOAD TS Go! Catalonia FREE.

    In your phone you will see a map showing your current position, and all the interesting places around you. You won’t need anything more! And remember, everything in this app is OFFLINE, so you don’t need to care about the annoying roaming cost.

    Characteristics of the TS Go! maps:

    • GPS positioning. It shows your position, and the real distance to the point you want to visit.
    • Connectivity with Google Maps and Navigation.
    • Map of cities and entire regions completely OFFLINE.
    • Hundreds of points of interest in each city:
    - Museums
    - Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, camping and caravans
    - Parks and monuments.
    - Natural Viewpoints and amazing landscapes
    - Theme parks and zoos
    - Restaurants of all kinds
    - Pubs
    - Beaches
    - Coffeehouses
    - Stores of all kinds
    - Supermarkets
    - Nearby hospitals
    - Banks and ATMs
    • Information on public transport of the most important cities.
    • Share points of interest via Facebook and / or email.

    Some cities included in this version:
    Akrap Almissa Amizici Ancici Apatija Arbanija Arzano Babajici Babici Bajagic Bajica Glavica Bajici Bajlo Bajnice Bakovici Balajic Marmun Balici Balte Bandica Bandici Bandove Bandovi Bani Banici Banj Banovici Baraci Baren Barutana Basici Basina Basinci Basini Baska Voda Batalici Batarali Batarelo Batinici Batlan Bazici Beare Begove Drage Belandzic Belinovaca Bestonio Bezina Bijader Bili Brig Bilica Gradina Bilin Bilokapici Bilusic Biorine Bisevo Bisko Bitelic Bitunjac Bitunjski Pod Blaca Blato Blato na Cetini Blazevici Blebici Boban Bobani Bobovisca Bobovisce Bodrozici Bogdani Bojana Bojic Boko Bol Borkovici Borovci Bosancici Bosnjaci Bossoglina Bote Botic Botice Botici Boticin Dol Bozinovici Bracevic Braculji Bradarici Bralici Bralusa Brana Braovici Bravcev Dolac Bravici Brcici Brdari Brela Brela Donja Brela Gornja Brkici Brkljacici Brnasi Brnaze Brocanac Brstanovo Brusje Bucani Budici Budimir Budimir Bekan Bugarini Bulati Buliga Bulja Buljani Bulovici Bunja Burazin Donji Burazin Gornji Burici Busi Butige Buzdovacici Cacijin Dolac Cacvina Calete Caporice Carevici Carici Castel Vecchio Castel-Stafileo Castello Sucurac Catrnja Cavaglovi Cavoglave Cavri Cekolici Celani Celari Celina Celine Cerenpolje Cidovic Cikota Ciovo Cisla Cista Cista Provo Cista Velika Citluk Cittavecchia Clissa Comisa Corici Cosici Coso Covic Covici Crivac Crljeni Cubelici Cubici Cubrice Cuci Cugura Cukusici Culici Curkovici Curlini Curlinova Ograda Cvijici Cvitanovici Cvitkovici Cvrljevo Dabar Dadici Dajaci Danojlici Desisevici Dicmo Kraj Din Ðipalo Divljakinja Divojevic Divojevici Divojovic Divulje Djvulje Dobranje Doci Dodig Doija Rosca Dol Dolac Dolac Donji Dolac Gornji Dolic Dolici Doljani Ðolonga Dolovi Domazeti Domjanovici Donja Brela Donja Korita Donja Mala Donja Rosca Donja Tijarica Donje Ogorje Donje Postinje Donje Prugodo Donje Prugovo Donje Selo Donje Selo na Solti Donje Sitno Donji Alebici Donji Bilandzici Donji Bitelic Donji Buljani Donji Buljari Donji Dapici Donji Dolac Donji Galici Donji Gornjani Donji Humac Donji Jukici Donji Jurisici Donji Katuni Donji Kraj Donji Kunci Donji...

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