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    Think of England and Stratford-upon-Avon springs to mind, an area forever linked with William Shakespeare and the Tudors, surrounded by romantic villages with country pubs, 'black and white' wooden architecture, historic houses with beautiful gardens and an inviting patchwork quilt of countryside.

    Add some ideas for discovering nearby treasures of the counties of the West Midlands and the experience becomes even more compelling. What to expect? Insider knowledge from an experienced traveller who knows that just the right mix of style, creature comforts, culture and local produce make your visit a rewarding experience you'll want to repeat. Independent travellers, this one's for you!

    ★ About the Author ★

    Alison Plummer is a journalist/editor/book author specialising in travel, food and lifestyle writing. She roams the world and divides her time between Sydney, Australia and a village in Worcestershire, England (Mum lives there!) referring to both as 'home'. Born in Devon, England, Alison's love of travel, especially road trips, began with wonderful journeys with her parents who were both born in Warwickshire. "Let's just see what's around the next corner," is a favourite expression – and she's never looked back, contributing to leading magazines, newspapers and websites and writing/editing four cookbooks, two on Thai food.

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