Sunrise & Sunset




    Calculates when dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk occurs, depending on location and time of year.
    A unique feature in this app is the graph view - this can e.g. be very useful for educational purposes.

    - A calendar view, showing the hour and minute when each event occurs, day by day
    - A graph view, showing how each event changes over the year
    - Shows local times, using current location, timezone and day by default
    - Select another day by sliding the view left or right
    - Select another location using sliders (latitude and longitude)
    - Select another timezone from a list (or let the app automatically select a default timezone appropriate for the selected longitude)
    - Create favorite locations and easily switch between these (e.g. if you often travel to a certain location and want to check sunrise/sunset in advance)
    - Select which definition to use for dawn/dusk (the twilight period): Civil/Nautical/Astronomical (the sun is 6°/12°/18° below the horizon)
    - Visualize how much effect moving south or north have on e.g. sunrise (see the graph change immediately when using the latitude slider)
    - Easily spot on the graph if you are so far north/south that the sun never rises or sets in periods of the year (and when these periods are)

    This is the ad-supported free edition. A pro edition is also available, with more features and no ads.

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