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    In the “Swiss Parks” App, you will find the best hiking trails, biking and e-bike routes as well as many ideas for family outings and even a treasure hunt. The app also gives numerous ideas for winter, such as snowshoe trails, winter hikes, sledge runs or ice rinks. On top of that, users will enjoy an overview of the Swiss parks, their natural and cultural highlights as well as 60 original cooking recipes with various local and regional specialities from the parks.

    All maps are based on official Swiss maps. In remote areas, it is possible to use the itineraries offline (with no network connection) - just download the desired route beforehand. All the activities can be accessed by public transportation.
    Parks are the most original natural and cultural landscapes in Switzerland. They are to a large extent intact, variegated and dynamic and they are either natural habitats or those designed in harmony with nature by humans. The population of the park communities are proud of their exceptionally natural and cultural heritage. They have undertaken to maintain it and to use it with respect.

    Content of the basic version :
    - Park portraits
    - Best hikes
    - Best bike and e-bike tours
    - Top natural and cultural points of interest
    - Tips for accommodation and meals
    - The best winter and summer family activities
    - Multi-day hikes
    - The “treasure hunt” game with lots of exciting prizes to be won

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