Sydney Cafe Culture

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    Love your coffee? Need a caffeine fix? Just want a cool place to hangout? Sydney has all this and more. Find out where and when and why. You’ll love these places!

    Here are 300 of the best cafes in Sydney and surrounds, selected and visited by experts. Around half of them are within a few kilometres of the city centre. The others are located in beach suburbs or business centres.

    They’re just the sort of places you must know about when you want to meet someone for coffee, chill out on a lazy weekend, or simply indulge your coffee fixation!

    Sydney’s baristas are some of the most skilled and passionate in the world. Now you can locate the finest of them – and see them at their best.

    ★ About the Author ★

    Sally and Gordon Hammond

    Sally Hammond has been a food writer and restaurant reviewer in her home city, Sydney, for over two decades. She is also crazy about coffee. But it must be the best – and made well!

    Her husband, Gordon Hammond, is an award-winning photographer, so together they make the perfect team to prepare this first-ever App on one of the things Sydney does best.

    In 2000, the year of the Sydney Olympics, Sally put together the first book about Sydney cafes, 250 cafes in and around Sydney, one of the numerous guide books and travelogues she has written.

    In 1999 the Australian Regional Food Guide was a ground-breaking guide to local food around the country. This has now morphed into a website which she and Gordon publish with around 4000 entries.

    Recently Sally launched another website on food and travel: underlining her two specialties. And of course all the stunning photography on both websites comes from Gordon.

    Now, they have again combined their skills in their chosen fields.

    ★ About Sutro Media ★

    This guide is published in partnership with Sutro Media. By enabling local writers to share their expertise on mobile phones, Sutro Media is making it easier and more fun to explore the world!

    If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions for improvement, we'd love to hear from you -

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