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    Note: This is not just a City Guide. This app also lets you add your own listings, manage them and make check-ins. Use it responsibly. Note: Every submitted entry is moderated.

    Search, explore, check in and add restaurants, events, businesses, toilets, hotspots, gas stations, schools et al in Sydney. Find restaurants at your current location, find banks and hospitals in your vicinity, explore hotspots in Sydney, find schools near you, look up for events and happenings in Sydney and many more. Login through Facebook or Google and Check-in to your location and publish it on your Facebook wall.

    Search by current location, Search events by date, Explore by categories, Search toilets, Search petrol, Search Schools, Search Hotspots.

    Add and manage your business listings through our Sydney City Guide app.


    * Offline access to the Guide Listings: Save your data for Offline use by Saving the Listings or by adding the respective listings to your Favorites.
    * Map - to display the marker
    * Direction - to display the route from your location
    * Check-in - lets you check in to the location
    * Reviews - lists all the reviews and ratings posted by other users and a button to write your own review.
    * Fav It - Add to your favorites list.
    * Trip it - Save to your list of trips.
    * Contacts - Save entry in your contacts.
    * Make a Call - Make quick call to restaurants, businesses, hospitals and banks.
    * Email the owner feature
    * Share - Share it with your friends.

    For business owners: Add your businesses and let it be explored by ever-growing mobile userbase. It also allows end users to add hotspots, toilets, petrol and other public places. Be good.

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