Sydney On The Green

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    Do you prefer to paint the town green than red? If Sydney is your destination, then we've got you covered. From Bondi to Bundeena and back again, we've scoured the city’s best eco-friendly events, activities, dining, markets and more to compile Sydney On The Green. Whether you're a visitor planning a trip to the city of beaches, or a local looking for a new angle on your own hometown, Sydney on the Green will give you dozens of ideas on how to make the most of this harbourside city.

    Guided by our 170+ entries, you'll eat your way through Sydney's best local, organic and vegetarian restaurants; impress your friends with the down low on the best retro, recycled and designer markets; and discover how to best explore Sydney by bike, foot, kayak or surfboard. We've listed dozens of great green outdoor adventures, and the best news is, almost half of it is free or under $10. Whatever your focus, our app is your instant insider’s guide to all things local, sustainable and on the go in Sydney.

    ★ About the Author ★

    Writer, travel addict and yoga enthusiast, Sydney local Sue White has spent the last decade seeking out Sydney's cheaper, slower, greener options for both work and play.

    In her day job, she's a freelance journalist with a decidedly green tinge, writing for a range of Australian and overseas publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Australian Geographic online.

    When home in Sydney, you'll find Sue dipping her toes in the Tasman Sea as she builds up confidence to tackle Sydney's iconic Cole Classic ocean swim; chilling out at a yoga class; bargain hunting at Sydney's weekend markets or staying inspired thanks to fellow alumni of the Centre for Sustainabilty Leadership - some of Sydney's greenest folks.

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