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    The Paradise Koh Yao is a blend of boutique beach resort and health spa; a tasteful and simple symbiosis of nature, comfort and style, amongst protected national parkland. Private villas and studios nestle adjacent to 400 meters of private untouched beach providing year-round natural luxury.
    Where in the world?

    The Paradise Koh Yao, Boutique Beach Resort and Spa is set in the middle of Thailand's Phang Nga Bay National Reserve area, an emerging hidden treasure which remains one of the world's best kept secrets. Since its discovery by a western traveler back in the 19th century, this geological wonderland teeming with indigenous plant and animal life has captured the imagination of the world.

    Phang Nga Bay’s towering limestone crags never fail to stimulate speculation of massive geological upheavals in ancient times. It is visually stunning to say the least and yet there is so much more below the surface: under the azure crystal waters are coral reefs, living fortresses evolved over countless years.

    Both the common buildings (reception, spa, etc.) and the lodging are light structure buildings in natural neutral colors. The bungalows are very open, allowing the sea breeze through and enhancing the connection to the surrounding natural environment. The main living area easily becomes an open, covered (for shade) seating area. At night or for that afternoon nap, the bedrooms can be left open or closed-off for a decadent dose of air-conditioning. The bathrooms are semi-outdoor for that touch of nature feel.

    Featuring materials such as wood, tiles, stones and hand-plastered white walls, the architecture is contemporary with a tropical accent. Seventy lavishly appointed studios and villas offer king size and twin beds and maximum connection to our stunning environment— open to nature while uncompromising in their comfort.

    Koh Yao Island is set into the heart of these incredible natural phenomena.

    The Paradise Boutique Resort subtly blends with the unique Phang Nga Bay environment. The Paradise Koh Yao Noi Boutique Beach Resort & Spa is truly one with the surrounding landscape— the resort walkway wraps around a lagoon and a small rice paddy, through rubber tree plantations, along the beach and up looking over the resort and bay. The abandoned rice paddies towards the Northern tip of the island, together with the existing trees and plants, were preserved and incorporated into the landscape design.

    But the lush landscape is much more than a backdrop to the resort’s contemporary design— nature takes the clear lead in the overall look and feel of the resort. Another principal design element is the lighting which, both for interiors and exteriors, enhances the natural beauty of the resort development.

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